Tackle Your Tuesday: Planning



How do you plan your tasks on a daily basis? I must say I am good and planning, but in the follow through not so good, and I really want to work on that aspect in my life. I sure I am not the only one in this boat, so this Tuesday let’s focus on our planning. I will plan out my workouts, dinners, and schedule at home for this week and see how it benefits me. I hope you will try and do the same. My vision is to be more efficent without all the stress. This week has already proven to be interesting with my trip to the dentist, so I need to make an effort to end in victory this week. That is what Well & Fit Coaching is all about. Helping you to reach victory in your spiritual life, fitness life, and health life. I hope this helps you “Tackle Your Tuesday!”

Love. Live. Well & Fit


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