Motivational Monday: Self Confidence


Happy Monday Everyone. At times people can come and try to break you down. The person breaking you down might even be yourself. You look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. If only those jeans fit better… If only I was prettier… Healthier…

Every decision of change begins with a thought but it is up to you to turn it into an action. In between that time you can develop that thought into the confidence you need to move forward. Exercise has not always been easy for me; especially when I was running track and field.  At times I wanted to quit and hide. I tried making excuses, but my heart always brought me back to it. Once I put all the doubt aside and trained the way I was meant to I saw results. Positive results that turned into confidence. You can fulfill your fitness dreams, and become that person you have always wanted to be. Turn that thought into confidence and that confidence into action. You will succeed!

I hope this blesses someone today.


Love. Live. Well & Fit



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