Tackle Your Tuesday: What are you eating?

Did you know you could perform at basic nutritional analysis for yourself at home? You don’t need the expensive software or the break down on vitamins and minerals. It’s simple. Write down everything you eat in a week. (A normal analysis usually require 3 days, but some people may cheat and eat healthy those three days. A week allows your “true colors” to show). Then review it with a family member or friend. Have them help you pin point the unhealthy foods in your diet. What can you cut back on? What can you eliminate completely? What are you lacking in you diet? Write it down. Put it in front of yourself, and see what changes need to take place. Remember if your looking for a formal analysis with a more detailed breakdown, you can always consult with your doctor. They can refer you to a license nutritionist for help. I hope this helps! Happy Tackle Tuesday!

Love. Live. Well & Fit.


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