Fit Friday: Waking Up

alarm clock


I know it is the end of the day, and we are all thinking of going to sleep. I know I am. Sleeping is almost everyone’s favorite part of the day, but waking up… probably not as much. My “Fit Friday” suggestion actually comes from a post from Kasier Permanente’s Thrive Across American Campaign. They have given special tips on “How to launch your day gracefully”. I especially like the tip to rehydrate. Dehydration can occur even while you are sleeping. Hours go by, and you don’t have anything to replenish your body. They suggest drinking a glass of water right after you wake up to fire up your metabolic process, sending energy to the brain and extremities. Their other tips include letting in natural light, playing music, and stretching. I know it’s time for bed, but try out these helpful ways to launch you day tomorrow morning and see how you feel. I hope everyone had a wonderful Fit Friday and good night.

Fit For Thought:waking up


Love. Live. Well & Fit.



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