10 Week Fitness Challenge: 2nd Weigh In Winner

Can you believe that my coworkers are now into week 4 of their 10 week fitness challenge. Some have gain weight and some have lost weight, but the “biggest loser” this week was Cathy! Congrats to her and all she has accomplished.
Cathy week 4


In two weeks she has lost 5.5 pounds, and is still on the path to great success. She is sticking with a well balanced diet mostly fruits, vegetables, and proteins. She also said she is trying to stay away from breads and pastas. In regards to physical fitness she says she enjoys using the elliptical and walking frequently. She is trying to gradually work her way into running. Her tip: “Don’t drink your calories”.

It is great to see all these terrific ladies in the swing of things. It is a very positive environment to work in. I just feel blessed to be apart of it at a time I am also growing in my life.

So congrats goes to Cathy! Keep going and stay focused on your goals! Good luck!

Fit For Thought:


“If it was grown on a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant, leave it on the shelf”

-Rick Warren (Author of The Daniel Plan)


One thought on “10 Week Fitness Challenge: 2nd Weigh In Winner

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