Motivational Monday: The Four P’s- PUSH!

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend. This week I will be covering the four P’s. While running track in high school and college, I can always recall my coach (who just happen to be my father) reminding us of the four P’s. I found out that not only is this concept true on the track, but in anything you want to accomplish as well.

Are you in a slump or wanting to start something new? Maybe you want to start a new business or start running in the morning, but you don’t have the courage to do it. It is as simple and as complicated sometimes just to PUSH yourself. It is just the same as running the 400m. If you don’t get out and push that first 100m you will soon find yourself at the back of the pack in the race. Every endeavor you want to accomplish all starts with a push. So this week try and push yourself to start that journey you so badly want to go on. Stop complaining, making excuses, being afraid and just do it. God did not give us a spirit of fear. The first step is just to have the faith to PUSH.

push yourself

Love. Live. Well & Fit.


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