Wellness Wednesday: The Four P’s- POWER

daily power up
Happy Hump Day Everyone! Power is the P for today. To be more specific you want to power up everyday. We are now coming into the second turn of the 400 meters, and this is the time to begin your “build up” phase. You’ve let your “pace” carry you into the curve as you begin to correct your mechanics and build up your speed. You are preparing yourself for the finish line 150 meters or so ahead of you. This time in the race can be a real game changer. Something in a runners mind says, “Ok, this is now or never”. A surge of positivity runs through their body, and they feel like, “Hey I can do this”. This can work the same way in your daily routine.

Instead of waking up in the morning and checking you emails or Facebook stats, why don’t you start off the day with something more constructive? I like to wake up and read my daily devotional along with my Bible. Even though sometimes I don’t want to do it, I feel much better when I do. It is a chance for me to say “ok let’s wake up”. So often I can get caught up in all I have to do before leaving the house, and all it causes is unnecessary stress. If you are like me, find a something that works for you that will free your mind before you tackle your day. It will help you stay “powered up” for the obstacles ahead of you. I hope this blesses someone today.

Fit For Thought:

Love. Live. Well & Fit.

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1 thought on “Wellness Wednesday: The Four P’s- POWER

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