Fit Friday: The Four P’s- PRAY

Well this is it you have powered up around the second curve, the finish line is in your sight, it is time to dig in a give it all you have left. Your legs are tired and full of lactic acid, your breathing is heavy, but somehow you will make it. Even though all the odds seem to be against you, it will be ok. How will you get through this? It is simple…Pray.
I would not be the woman I am today without God in my life. In times of trouble I pray. In times of joy I pray and praise, and right before I ran the 400 meters I prayed! It is just apart of me. God did not waist His time on any person. We are all here for a purpose, and that road to you becoming a better healthier you begins with His guidance. Wellness starts from the spirit and translates into physical fitness and diet. All three make you and me Well & Fit people.

Love. Live. Well & Fit.


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