Motivational Monday: Let’s Do This

Lets do this

Happy Monday Everyone. Being off these last couple of days has really brought some things into perspective. Have you ever had a goal you wanted to reach, but you didn’t know which path to go down to get there? That is where I am at. It can sometimes be hard to keep others encouraged without you being encouraged yourself. I don’t want to give up or be unsure of what God has placed in front of me so I end up speaking words of positivity to myself. “Let’s do this!” has been ringing in my head all today. “I can do this.”

In life we can have so many challenges, thoughts, and plans that run through our head on a daily basis. The struggle lies in getting them all organized. My mother once told me I have all these great ideas in my head, but I do nothing with them. She wasn’t intending for it to be negative or to critize all I do. It was meant to be a motivator. That comment alone finally made something click inside of me. It matters about what you do with you goals, dreams, or plans. IT IS ABOUT WHAT YOU DO. So even if I feel confused or scared, it is up to me. So let’s do this! Time to rev it up a little more. Run a little longer, push a little harder, and break through to those goals I am destined to live. You can do it. Let’s do this!

Love. Live. Well & Fit.

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