Thoughtful Thursday: Think Before You Lift

lifting weights

There’s a saying, “Cardio make you look good with your clothes on, weight lifting makes you look good with your clothes off.” I believe this to be true. The benefits of gaining lean and natural muscles include increased strength and energy. You will also burn more calories, and of course look better. A lot of people go to the gym with the intent of doing a little cardio then lifting weights, but I have observed that majority of my fellow gym mates aren’t lifting properly. Here are the basics that everyone should know about lifting weights.

1. Pick the right weight.

I know you want to impress those around you, but picking a heavier weight is not benefiting you in any weight. Heavier weight with wrong technique only puts you that much closer to a strain muscle or a pulled muscle.

2. Breathe.

As you lift remember to breath. DON’T HOLD YOU BREATH! Let the oxygen flow to your muscles so you can complete the exercise. More blood flow will allow for more flexibility.

3. Keep your abs engaged.

So much strength comes from you core. Engaged those abs for stability and to help draw those weights closer to your body.

4. Lift with your legs, not with your back.

This is probably the oldest advice in the book. Some of the largest muscles in your body are in your legs, so use them! Squat properly (like your sitting in a chair) don’t bend. The muscles in our back support us everyday non stop. Give them a break and use your legs.

5. Stay under control.

When lifting remember to take your time. Lifting fast and uncontrollably will cause muscle tears, and our bodies never fully recover. Scarred tissue will be replace instead of muscle, so be smart and lift steady.

Don’t be intimidated by weight lifting at the gym. If you need help just ask. I’m pretty sure the staff at your local fitness center a eager to help you. Take these tips and go get your lift on!

Fit For Thought:


Live. Love. Well & Fit.



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