Tackle Your Tuesday: Rich vs Poor

rich vs poor

How can a financially well off African-American lawyer that eats right and exercises daily give birth to a 2lb premature baby, and a Caucasian women with the same stats have a totally different outcome? This is exactly what I asked myself today. I had the pleasure of going to a training at my job that addressed the issue of socioeconomic status and health. Do you believe that your health is better due to where you live? How about is your health better due to which race you are? These were the issues brought to the table today. Research has proven it to be true, but why? Is it the way we’ve been conditioned over hundreds of years? The would seem the life expectancy of someone in a rich neighborhood would live longer than a person in a poor neighborhood. Things like access to parks, walking trails, healthcare, and grocery stores all play a role in how our health is affected. Where do you stand on the matter, and more importantly what can we do to make our communities healthier? Definitely something to “Tackle” this Tuesday. I would really like to hear from all of you on where you stand. Please comment.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.

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