Wellness Wednesday: Nothing Like A Home Cooked Meal

family dinner

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Lately I have been guilty of eating out way too much. My schedule has been busy with work, planning, exercising, and a ton of other things, so the quickest thing to do is just to grab a bite to eat. Although I do try to pick healthier choices on the menu it just begins to get boring. There truly is nothing like a home cooked meal. There are so many benefits to eating at home.

1. You will always know what is going into your food:

When I cook at home I am able to use fresh ingredients. My vegetables, meats, and my herbs and spices are usually fresh from the market. Eating at home allows you to control this aspect.

2. It puts money back into your pocket:

I know a lot of places have dollar menus or incentives to get you through their drive thru, but in the end your wallet and your health will pay for it. If the average combo is $6.99 multiply that by a family of four or more and your pocket will have quite the night out.

3. You can try new things:

I love to turn on the food network or visit their website for new recipes. Cooking at home allows your inner chef to shine through. My favorite new thing to cook is a chicken, sausage, and kidney bean stew that I saw on the food network. It is packed with onions, celery, jalapeno peppers, and garlic. The flavor is out of this world and my family enjoys it too!

In the end. It is all about balance. I know life is busy, but a little goes a long way. Make the time to prepare your food at home. You’ll thank me later. 😉

Live. Love. Well & Fit.



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