Motivational Monday: The 5 Characters of Fitness – The Shy Beast


Happy Monday Everyone! This week I was inspired by the famous book The 5 Languages of Love. I started wondering… Well what are the 5 characters of fitness? After a long discussion with my husband we came up with the perfect five, and I will be covering them this week on my blog. So you ask what is the first character of fitness? The Shy Beast

The Shy Beast is the person you never expect coming. They walk around the track, football field, pool, etc. just waiting to strike. You would never expect all of greatness they display. They may not have been the best naturally, but the will work the hardest to get to the top.

The first person that came to mind for me would have to be my friend Vanessa Jones. In high school she always showed potential for greatness, and as my father took her under his wing, she grew to be better and better. I watched her every week workout with so much heart and dedication. Now she is a successful student/athlete at USC. I love her because she is never the one to boast, but she is always calm and reserved on the outside before the race. Although on the inside I can tell something was brewing. She truly is a beast on the track.

The best thing about a shy beast is they may be quiet, but once in motion there is no stopping them. Are you a shy beast?… If not, stay tuned for tomorrow as the 5 characters continue!

Live. Love. Well & Ft.



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