Wellness Wednesday: The 5 Characters of Fitness – The Athlete


Happy Wednesday Everyone! Let us dive right in and continue on our journey through the 5 characters of fitness shall we? Day number three brings someone we probably all have in our lives, the athlete. 

This is the person who has been at it their whole life. Those with “talent”. They began into sports when they were young, and never looked back. Anything that they do in sports and fitness is done well. You could be bowling, playing ping pong, or even playing foosball and they would do it well. They usually participate in one or more sports, and are almost always the captain. People in this category have a high sports IQ which allows they to learn the rules of the game quickly and go straight into implementing them.

In my life I can quickly pin point two “athletes” that will always be there. My husband, Chad and my brother-n-law, Brandon. I guess since they are brothers it is in the genes huh? Whatever sport, workout, or leisure game they play they do it well. It truly is a gift from God. It doesn’t matter what age they are or how many obstacles they have in front of them, they always bounce back. What a wonderful blessing to be a “natural” athlete! There is so much I can say about these two, but I’ll just leave it at I love you two very much and thank you for being an inspiration in my life.

Well that sums up todays character but stick around tomorrow for the 4th character of fitness, and don’t forget to check back at the end of the week for the full wrap up.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.


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