Thoughtful Thursday: The 5 Characters of Fitness – The Expert


Let’s dive right in shall we? The 4th Character of Fitness is THE EXPERT. The expert is the person that knows fitness inside in out. How our nerves connect and why our muscles do what they do. They thrive off how development, implementation, recovery, and prevention. Their focus is mainly in the direction of health and the well being of the person as a whole.

Many professionals can fall into this category, doctors, athletic trainers, physical therapist, and even personal trainers. In my personal life I would have to give this title to my father. He has been a track and field coach for over 26 years. He has gained so much knowledge about the human body and how it works that it would be hard not to consider him an expert. Through all the athletes he has coached I have always seen him help them succeed not only on the track, but in life. He is a student of speed, biomechanics, and muscles as well as heart, inspiration, and positivity. I am overjoyed to call him my father.

Do you know an expert in your life? I hope you will return tomorrow for my final character of fitness. Have a wonderful night!

Live. Love. Well & Fit.



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