Motivational Monday: In The Zone


Picture yourself at the starting line of a big race. You can feel the crisp of the morning air on your back, and the smell of green grass in your nostril. Just as the gun is going to sound you take your last nervous breath in an attempt to calm down and get ready to dive in, but how did you get here? Many of us have our ways of getting in the zone. Music, silence, a special warm-up, they all are used help athletes get ready for sporting events. Some have special socks, headbands, and even as far a special underwear. I can remember riding with my father to track meets listening to Fred Hammond and feeling inspired and motivated to run. Sport and fitness is much more than just being physical fit or ready, it is very much a mental battle field as well. We can be as physically prepared as the best athletes in the world, but what separates the best from the rest? It is there mental state of mind. Their focus, so with that said what do you do to get in the zone?

Live. Love. Well & Fit.


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