Motivational Monday: Eye Of The Tiger


Happy Monday Everyone! I found myself in the mist of a project tonight. My daughter has an end of the year assignment due this Friday. She has to pick an animal to study and create a diorama based on that animal. It must include a model of the animal including it’s environment. What animal did she pick? A tiger, and as we started to research my mind started turning more and more to fitness, exercise, and motivation.

There are a lot of elements that can get you down in life. For example a negative coworker,  an unsupportive family member, or a bad environment. The very thing that can get you down can be staring you right in the mirror. While gathering information tonight, I began to think about a tiger and their mission to conquer the odds. They are alone beginning at the age of two, and their environment is well… a jungle. With this in mind, I started think on their nightly hunts. According to National Geographic Kids, it can take up to 20 attempts for a tiger to catch it’s prey. This statistic made me admire the heart and determination of a tiger. They never give up. Giving up is not an option. If they don’t hunt, they don’t eat. Even though our workouts may not be that extreme on a daily basis, it still has the same overall concept. If we don’t exercise and eat smart then our health will gradually decline. I just want to encourage you today to stay on your “hunt”. Strive to become a better you! Don’t give up! Have the eye of the tiger!

Live. Love. Well & Fit.


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