Tackle Your Tuesday: For Summer Or For Life.


Happy Tuesday Everyone! With all this talk of summer coming up I know a lot of you are probably trying to get bikini ready, but is that your only motivation. Yes it is a good goal, but why not aim to be fit for life. There is an old saying that states anything done for 21 days becomes a habit. Why don’t you try it! For 21 days run more and exercise more. Make it apart of your daily routine. You can just go for a morning or evening walk, but make an effort to be a little more active than you have been. Results are bound to appear. Learn to tackle your daily life in fitness. Of course, let’s get fit for summer, but in the process I hope you will create a habit that makes you fit for life!

Live. Love. Well & Fit.

P.S… My Summer Goals:

  1. Begin training for a 5k.
  2. Tone up.
  3. Continue to eat smart.
  4. Find ways to take my business to the next level.

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Instagram: @dommichele


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