Tackle Your Tuesday: Spring Cleaning


Hi everyone! I found a wonderful post about clearing out the clutter and getting organized for the spring. With summer around the corner they suggest they that tidying up a bit will help to clear mental, emotional, as well as physical well being. Enjoy…




Spic and span

Tidying up your home clears away not only physical debris, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter. With a place for everything and everything in its place, you can focus your energy on work, hobbies, exercise, and rest—vital components of your overall well-being:

  • Bulldoze the floors. Loose objects are a risk for injury. Plus, if you can’t find your running shoes, you’re not going to the gym. Organize loose items into one of three locations: the trash, a give-away box, or their original storage place. If you don’t already have one, create a space dedicated to your workout gear.

  • Pare down your closet. If you haven’t worn it in a year, ditch it, say organizational experts. Maybe you’re saving your favorite pair of pants for after you drop five pounds, but you’re better off trading them in at a thrift store for a pair that you feel great in at your current weight—this will help keep you positive and working toward your goals. Then, when you lose the weight, reward yourself by springing for a brand new pair.

  • Take an objective approach. Consider asking a friend to help you decide which things you should keep and which to let go. If something has sentimental value, but you have no real use for it, take a picture of that item, but donate the actual item to charity. Letting go of sentimental attachments can make more room for clarity, productivity, and peace.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.




I Tackled My Tuesday by doing some stairs (For the first time in a long time)!


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