Motivational Monday: What It Means To Me




[moh-tuh-veyt] Show IPA

verb (used with object), mo·ti·vat·ed, mo·ti·vat·ing.

to provide with a motive or motives; incite; impel
… and that is exactly what I plan to do. This past week has been filled with tears and joy in celebrating the life of my Grandma Fannie’s passing. It was a beautiful homegoing. A wonderful gathering of family and laughter. One thing I can say I learned from her is how she always made me feel like one of her own grandchildren. Although she was my husband’s grandmother, I felt no different. It seems as she was the motivator that kept the family together. Everyone had their own special memories with her, but we collectively really had similar memories of her.
When people look back over my life, I want it to be just as heartfelt and beautiful as her homegoing celebration. I truly believe that I was put on this earth to help motivate people (and myself sometimes). To help people with their health and fitness goals. I find so much life in doing it. Helping people to learn how to protect this temple God has given us. It is a feeling like no other for me. So what does motivation me to me? Besides what is mentioned above, it involves love, dedication, grace, and belief in others.
What does it mean to you?
Live. Love. Well & Fit.
Rest In Paradise Grandma Fannie.

Wellness Wednesday: Food Log

healthy outside
I recently had my exercise group write down what the ate for 3 days. I didn’t want them to put extra effort in because I said do so either. I just wanted them to eat how they normally eat. I gave them a food log and said, “Go for it!”

On Tuesday we shared out results, and it was such an eye opener. You will be surprise how much it helps to actually write down what you eat. It lets you know what is going into your body. We all agreed that there were things we could work on, and things we could eat less of. I can really appreciate the honesty from these ladies. The first step to having a life of wellness is what you consume. Wellness starts from the inside out, and hopefully this habit turns into a lifetime of health for us.

Fit For Thought:

Try a food log for yourself. Divide a chart into breakfast, lunch, and dinner sections. Don’t forget the snacks, and always list your drinks. List everything you eat for three days, and see what you can improve on! Good Luck!

Live. Love. Well & Fit.

Tackle Your Tuesday: Getting Over The Negative

We used to have a saying when I ran club track, “You Must Believe!” It was our motto, our mission. To me it meant no matter the situation you must believe that you can conquer whatever you encounter on the track and in life. It was such a blessing to grow up in such a positive environment as a child. My parents were at everyone one my track meets, birthdays, etc. As an adult I am glad that I can take those lessons with me and pass them to my children.
Overcoming the negatives of life aren’t always easy. I have to admit I don’t always know how to deal with them either, but with ever trial I am learning, growing, and becoming better for it. I have learned so much about conquering negative situations, and of course I have some tips to share with you.

1. Don’t Dwell.
This one has been really hard for me. Try to let go. Negativity in your life only brings added stress and frustration. You end up feeling worst in the end, and it could even affect your health.

2. Pick Your Battles.
You have heard the saying, “Don’t take my kindness for weakness.” It is true. Sometimes you have to get your point across without being rude. Learn to say no when you need to, and don’t hesitate to speak up when necessary.

3. Keep Your Peace and Joy.
This one is harder than you think. Little things can throw off the best of moods, but let the joy of the Lord be your strength. With God all things are possible. He can turn any negative into a positive.

So there you have it. Three tips to “Tackle Your Tuesday” and get rid the negativity in your life and in mine.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.

Motivational Monday: A Father’s Motivation

It’s Monday! Some people despise it, but I rejoice in it. I am thankful to live another day. With Fathers Day still fresh on my mind, I couldn’t help but think of the impact my father has on my life. Matter of fact I can’t help but think of the impact he has had on so many peoples lives. Even today he still continues to help his athletes, his church, and most importantly his family. He has been one of my biggest supporters of Well & Fit Coaching, and his wisdom is still touching my life on a daily basis.

What is it about you father that has motivated you to be a better person?

Live. Love. Well & Fit.

Fit Friday: This Weeks Highlights

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! This work week has proven itself to have been very productive. At work, at home, and getting my body moving. My Tuesday and Thursday workouts were awesome. I spent some time with some great ladies, and we had fun while getting fit. I also noticed other people moving as well. My cousin went rock climbing. My mother is staying active moving two times a day. A former athlete of my Dad’s is training his mom for a marathon, and my sister has chosen to wake up early to go on her morning runs. All around me people are becoming “Well & Fit”, and it pleases my heart. What did you do this week to get up and moving? Hey and don’t forget the week isn’t over yet. Don’t forget to get your body moving on Saturday as well. I hope you had a fit Friday!

Live. Love. Well & Fit.

Shout out goes to my workout buddy and my supporter from day one, my mom. Let’s keep this thing going. Well & Fit 4 Life!
mommy and me

Thoughtful Thursday: Quotes…

I don’t have too much to say today, but I did run across three great quotes that made me smile. I thought I would share them with you. You know get you thinking a bit. 🙂

I hope you like them.




Live. Love. Well & Fit.

I had a great workout today! I made me feel rejuvenated, and excited to do more in helping people with their health and fitness.


Wellness Wednesday: Don’t Overeat!!!

I have always been a firm believer in not overeating, but even I have done it a handful of times. Overeating causes discomforted, tiredness, and lets face it, you feel like a pig! Have you ever seen a baby overeat? No. They eat until they are satisfied and then stop, but as we get older why we tend to overeat? It can quickly become a daily trend. So how can you overcome your overeating? Try these tips.

Check your plate.

Just because there is an abundance of food doesn’t mean you have to eat it all. Try making a small plate. This is probably the easiest way not to over eat. If you start off fixing a smart sized plate it will be that much easier not to overeat.

Stay in tune.

Try to eat slowly. Not in slow motion, but find a pace that you can stay in tune with your body. Sometimes people don’t realize they have eating too much until everything is gone off their plate. I have been blessed to just naturally eat slow (my husband makes fun of me all the time), but it really does work. I know when I am done.

Choose right.

Instead of loading your plate with unhealthy things that will fill you up, try healthy things that will fill you up. Find food rich in fiber, protein, and health fats. If you are going to fill up the tank, make sure it is full of premium gas. Lol!

Well I hope these three tips help you, and remember DON’T OVEREAT! Oh… and Happy Wednesday too you!

Live. Love. Well & Fit.

Tackle Your Tuesday: How Do You Rate?

heart rate

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Today was a great day. Work went well, and I ended the day with a wonderful workout. Running is becoming easier, and I feel my lungs opening up more. As my group and I were training tonight, one of my client’s expressed to me that she was feeling fatigue and light headed. This is when I as trainer decided to let her relax. We cut our workout a little short, but it is ok.

Part of exercising is knowing when to stop and listen to your body. Not everyone is at the same level, and as a trainer, it is important to always take this into consideration. In this particular situation I made the call because it could have turned bad really quickly. There are many ways to gage how fatigue you are during a workout. I think it is important to first start off with you heart rate. Are you working too hard for your body, or are you not working hard enough? I found a wonderful article from the American Heart Associations website on how to calculate you target heart rate, and I thought I would share it. I hope you enjoy!

How do you get your heart rate on target?

When you work out, are you doing too much or not enough?
There’s a simple way to know: Your target heart rate helps you hit the bull’s eye. “We don’t want people to over-exercise, and the other extreme is not getting enough exercise,” says Gerald Fletcher, M.D., a cardiologist and professor in the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Jacksonville, Fla.

First Thing’s First

Before you learn how to calculate and monitor your target training heart rate, you have to know your resting heart rate. Your resting heart rate is the number of times your heart beats per minute while it’s at rest.
It’s best to check it in the morning after you’ve had a good night’s sleep and before you get out of bed. The average resting heart rate is 60-80 beats per minute, but it’s usually lower for physically fit people. It also rises with age.

Hittin’ the Target

Now you’re ready to determine your target training heart rate. As you exercise, periodically:
•Take your pulse on the inside of your wrist, on the thumb side.
•Use the tips of your first two fingers (not your thumb) to press lightly over the blood vessels on your wrist.
•Count your pulse for 10 seconds and multiply by 6 to find your beats per minute. You want to stay between 50 percent to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate. This range is your target heart rate.

Know Your Numbers

The table below shows estimated target heart rates for different ages. In the age category closest to yours, read across to find your target heart rate. Your maximum heart rate is about 220 minus your age. The figures are averages, so use them as general guidelines.


Target HR Zone 50-85%

Average Maximum Heart Rate, 100%

20 years 100-170 beats per minute 200 beats per minute
30 years 95-162 beats per minute 190 beats per minute
35 years 93-157 beats per minute 185 beats per minute
40 years 90-153 beats per minute 180 beats per minute
45 years 88-149 beats per minute 175 beats per minute
50 years 85-145 beats per minute 170 beats per minute
55 years 83-140 beats per minute 165 beats per minute
60 years 80-136 beats per minute 160 beats per minute
65 years 78-132 beats per minute 155 beats per minute
70 years 75-128 beats per minute 150 beats per minute

Important Note: A few high blood pressure medications lower the maximum heart rate and thus the target zone rate. If you’re taking such medicine, call your physician to find out if you need to use a lower target heart rate.

So what’s in a number?

If your target heart rate is too high, you’re straining. So slow down. If it’s too low, and the intensity feels “light” or “moderate/brisk,” push yourself to exercise a little harder. During the first few weeks of working out, aim for the lowest part of your target zone (50 percent). Then, gradually build up to the higher part (85 percent). After six months or more, you may be able to exercise comfortably at up to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate. But you don’t have to exercise that hard to stay in shape.

“It’s not an absolute, but it’s a good tool to have,” says Fletcher, who is also an American Heart Association volunteer. “And if you don’t know it, remember, if you’re not able to carry on a conversation (while exercising), that may be a bit too much.”

I hope this helps, and great job Tackling Your Tuesday!

Live. Love. Well & Fit.

Motivational Monday: Don’t Let Them Stop You!

Happy Monday Everyone! I have had quite the weekend. I felt emotions of sadness, stress, anger, happiness, and joy. It was interesting to say the least. Through it all, it was so important to keep going. People will tell you no, turn you down, or say your goals aren’t good enough, but what counts is how you knock down those negative comments. You, I, or anyone for that matter shouldn’t let those circumstances stop you. My tips to overcoming polluted people?…Remember, pray, plan, and go.

Remember: Whether a small task or an enormous task, we must remember why we began it in the first place. I tell myself, “This too shall pass,” because it will. Keep remembering.

Pray: Nothing can get accomplished without God. Praying about it will give you clarity and peace like you have never know before. Be confident in the Lord that He will give you the strength to keep going.

Plan: After you find that confidence, plan it out. It is like going into battle. What is your strategy or mission statement? How long will you give yourself to accomplish these things? What are your short term goals, and what are you long term goals? Turn chaos into a well constructed plan.

Go: Now that you have your motivation, God, and a plan you can finally go! Set your plans into motion and don’t stop. No one ever looks back and says, “Dang, I shouldn’t have tried to go for my dreams!” NEVER!

So tell yourself… remember, pray, plan, and go. Don’t sell yourself short, and don’t let them stop you. You are one more “NO” closer to your dreams than you think.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.

Tackle Your Tuesday: Challenges Of Fitness

What a wonderful Tuesday! Hello everyone, and boy was it a wonderful Tuesday. It seems to be heating up quite nicely here in California! I have a feeling it is going to be a HOT summer! I took the time to “Tackle My Tuesday” by having a wonderful workout with my sister and mother. I was supposed to train my new client, but it was ok, we still had a great time exercising and talking. A lot of times we can run into mental and physical road blocks when it comes to sticking to our fitness plans, but with a little help and some positive thinking, it is very possible to turn our exercising into a lifetime habit. Here are three tips to help you conquer those challenge:

1. Just Do It.
I know it is Nike’s catch phrase, but it is so true. By the time we sit and think about where, when, and
why we should exercise our opportunity has already passed. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. Just do

2. Results Will Come.
It is normal to feel frustrated at one point or another on your fitness journey, but it is how you get up
after you are knocked down. Exercise can be a tricky game. You don’t always get the results right away, but
you are changing your life for the better.

3. Stay Positive:
Every workout should be approached with a positive attitude. Keep speaking to yourself. Tell
yourself “Let’s Go”, “You can do it”, or “You’re almost there”. It really does work. I find myself doing it
on a daily basis, and boy does it make a world of difference.

So there you have it. Three tips to help you conquer your challenge. I hope this helps someone today, and when you get down remember that you can do all things God. Get out there and hurdle over those challenges.