Motivational Monday: Don’t Let Them Stop You!

Happy Monday Everyone! I have had quite the weekend. I felt emotions of sadness, stress, anger, happiness, and joy. It was interesting to say the least. Through it all, it was so important to keep going. People will tell you no, turn you down, or say your goals aren’t good enough, but what counts is how you knock down those negative comments. You, I, or anyone for that matter shouldn’t let those circumstances stop you. My tips to overcoming polluted people?…Remember, pray, plan, and go.

Remember: Whether a small task or an enormous task, we must remember why we began it in the first place. I tell myself, “This too shall pass,” because it will. Keep remembering.

Pray: Nothing can get accomplished without God. Praying about it will give you clarity and peace like you have never know before. Be confident in the Lord that He will give you the strength to keep going.

Plan: After you find that confidence, plan it out. It is like going into battle. What is your strategy or mission statement? How long will you give yourself to accomplish these things? What are your short term goals, and what are you long term goals? Turn chaos into a well constructed plan.

Go: Now that you have your motivation, God, and a plan you can finally go! Set your plans into motion and don’t stop. No one ever looks back and says, “Dang, I shouldn’t have tried to go for my dreams!” NEVER!

So tell yourself… remember, pray, plan, and go. Don’t sell yourself short, and don’t let them stop you. You are one more “NO” closer to your dreams than you think.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.

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