Wellness Wednesday: Don’t Overeat!!!

I have always been a firm believer in not overeating, but even I have done it a handful of times. Overeating causes discomforted, tiredness, and lets face it, you feel like a pig! Have you ever seen a baby overeat? No. They eat until they are satisfied and then stop, but as we get older why we tend to overeat? It can quickly become a daily trend. So how can you overcome your overeating? Try these tips.

Check your plate.

Just because there is an abundance of food doesn’t mean you have to eat it all. Try making a small plate. This is probably the easiest way not to over eat. If you start off fixing a smart sized plate it will be that much easier not to overeat.

Stay in tune.

Try to eat slowly. Not in slow motion, but find a pace that you can stay in tune with your body. Sometimes people don’t realize they have eating too much until everything is gone off their plate. I have been blessed to just naturally eat slow (my husband makes fun of me all the time), but it really does work. I know when I am done.

Choose right.

Instead of loading your plate with unhealthy things that will fill you up, try healthy things that will fill you up. Find food rich in fiber, protein, and health fats. If you are going to fill up the tank, make sure it is full of premium gas. Lol!

Well I hope these three tips help you, and remember DON’T OVEREAT! Oh… and Happy Wednesday too you!

Live. Love. Well & Fit.

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