Motivational Monday: Progress


Happy Monday Everyone!  As I end the day I can truly reflect on good things and bad things that have happened over the last couple of days and say I’m ok. Progression in life never comes without challenges or road blocks, and I have learned that it may come from someone or something you never saw coming. My encouragement for tonight is to lift up anyone reading who is enduring a hard obstacle. It seems no matter what you say or what you do it may never be good enough for others.  They won’t understand your view point, and  you will get turned down on some opportunities that you thought were certain.  Remember just to keep going. Better yourself. Pray and stand strong in your faith. Lean on God to be stronger, wiser, healthier, and an all around greater person in the end. You will see, the next time you are face with that problem you’ll know what to do and say. A dear friend of mine gave me some wonderful advice, she said, “Let your light shine,” and that is exactly what I plan on doing. Be blessed everyone.

Live.  Love.  Well & Fit.

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