Wellness Wednesday : Morning Surrender


Happy Monday everyone! I know it’s the end of the day but I can’t help but think of my breakfast in the morning (I guess that’s where my daughter gets it from).

It is very common for us to grab a coffee, latte, or a quick donut. These unhealthy choices are actually hindering our day, so I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite healthy breakfast choices.

McDonalds small blueberry and pomegranate smoothie. Instead of grabbing that Frappuccino or coffee try this instead. This sweet smoothie fills you up and is only 230 calories.


Starbucks multigrain bagel. I know… how can you go into Starbucks and not indulge in one of their fine drinks you ask?  Simple just don’t order one! I go in get my bagel and a venti water and keep moving. The whole grains from this bagel will keep you satisfied and energized through your morning.


… And last but not least  switch that sugary bowl  of cereal for an acai bowl from Juice It Up. Now this one is my absolute favorite. not only is the smoothie great but it is loaded with delicious granola, banana  slices, and a drizzle of honey. After this bowl I am satisfy and ready to tackle my day.


So try one of my favorites this week, and whatever you choose make sure it is going to help keep you Well & Fit!

Live. Love. Well & Fit.


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