My Fitness Journey: Going Up On A Tuesday


Good evening everyone, and happy Tuesday to you! Man I tell you persistence and determination have been good to me. Being dedicated to my workouts has really been paying off. I feel much more energized throughout the day just by continuing what I am doing, and the best part is when the day is done, sleep like a baby. What’s funny is that you have to give energy to get energy, but in my eyes it’s a win win situation. Give a little, get a little.

Tonight I posted my workout regime from today. I think it is important for me not to only talk about how I feel on my fitness journey, but what I am specifically doing as well. Now I won’t give you guys all the secrets, but the overall plan for my business is to take what you learned from me, and use it to live a healthier life. So here you go! Like I said before, give a little, get a little. This is just one of the many workouts I constantly have in my head. I like variety in my exercise. Fun and fit. As midweek approaches keep this in mind you and your mental are the difference between your health now, and the healthier life you’ve always wanted. Feel free to use this workout, and I hope you enjoy the burn (especially when doing those lateral duck walks after the squats). Every workout gets you closer to you goal. I hope you can be well… and fearless.

Live.🌿 Love. 💖 Well & Fit. 💪


Me and my baby love after today’s workout.


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