Wellness Wednesday: Be Quiet!


Hi Everyone! What do you know, it’s Wellness Wednesday, and all I really want is peace and quiet. Did you know that being exposed to prolonged periods of noise can have a negative affect on your health? According to mercola.com, noise pollution is an often-overlooked source of environmental stress that can raise your risk of serious health conditions, including heart disease. In the US it’s estimated that 100 million people are exposed to unhealthy levels of noise, typically from automobile and aircraft traffic (although everything from leaf blowers and lawnmowers to loud music can also contribute). I always knew that constant noise wasn’t a good thing, and it seems like more and more we are being subjected to this specific type of pollution. This noise includes traffic, television, phone calls, radio chatter, advertising, computer games, and videos.

My advice? Shut it all off! If less stress on my heart equals less noise, then I’m all for it! I know it is hard, especially for this “tech junkie” generation, to do just that, but it is something our society needs. We don’t take enough time to “just be”. Silent truly is a virtue. Have 10 minutes of silence by yourself can make a world of difference. What caught my eye in the article is that the most dangerous times to experience this noise is while you are sleeping. This can add stress to your life leading into the next day. So take my advice, and be quiet… please. It will lead to a better you.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.


Published by mrsdthomas18

Wellness Coach, Wife, and Mommy. Owner of Well & Fit Coaching: Wellness coaching for a healthier life. Bachelor of Science Kinesiology: Health and Fitness Promotion. I've been living an active lifestyle since the age of 4. Having been a track and field athlete for most of my life, it was only right that I study kinesiology in college. I have held positions as a personal trainer (private and gym), bootcamp instructor, and track and field coach. Now as a Health Educator for Riverside County I want to use this gift God has given me of health and fitness to inspire the world! Live. Love. Well & Fit.

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  1. Great advice! I am a big believer in some quiet time each day. We do not have TV at our home anymore, we found we were happy without the noise and entertainment. We now spend a lot of nights playing with the dog, staying outside longer, playing with our baby girl or just enjoying each others company.

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