Tackle Your Tuesday: From the Comfort of Your Home


Good evening everyone. It is a cold and rainy night here. I’m not too much of a fan of this weather, but I’ll take it (California could always use rain). I feel a little sleepy, but I just wanted to encourage you as we really begin to transition from summer to fall. Your work is never done. Your health won’t wait for bad weather, so I ask you, “Did you set aside some time to exercise today? You know I did, and since it was raining I worked out in the comfort of my home (hince the post title).

Working out at home can present some challenges for me. I’m a get out of the house sort of gal, but the positive is that it gives me a chance to brainstorm about new workout routines. Tonight was filled with 2 sets of 30 second circuit training. I did everything from front kicks, jabs, and upper cuts, to squats, mountain climbers, to planks and more. It was a great workout, and I didn’t have to go anywhere. So don’t get discouraged by any bad weather. It is just temporary (I have to remind myself of that…). Before you know it you’ll be out there again “Tackling another Tuesday” becoming better one workout at a time. Be well guys.

Live.🌿 Love. 💖 Well & Fit. 💪

Oh!… and just a suggestion, if you can’t think of any workouts at home, there’s this thing called YouTube  (hehehe), and they have a ton of at home workout videos you can do! Hopefully mine will be up there too sometime next year! Fingers crossed! Have a great evening guys.


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