Tackle Your Tuesday: Changing Habits


Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! Today was a very long day, and I’m just glad to be home in peace. You know changing habits can be sometimes a good thing, and sometimes it can be a bad thing (depending on the circumstances). I feel if you are changing progress is being made. Most of the time it is for the better. As I continue on my Well & Fit journey, I am running into obstacles along the way. I ask myself, “Should I eat that, or why get up and exercise when I’m so tired?” My life is changing, and I don’t want to settle in my bad habits. Adjusting to being back at work, and the time it is taking to pick up 3 children in 3 different places is draining. I know this too shall pass, but it can also be very draining on my health. I have started implementing going to bed earlier, not watching as much tv, and rearranging my monthly goals to fit into my new schedule. Life is always happening, and how we deal with it will show your true character. I choose to be happy. There will come pain, uncertainty, and questions of doubt, but I never want to lose sight of my goals. I’m optimistic!…  what can I say? I hope you all had a wonderful day, and I’m pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving weekend. I don’t know if I will be writing as much because I’ll be traveling, but I wish you all well.

Live.šŸŒæ Love. šŸ’– Well & Fit. šŸ’Ŗ

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