At The End Of The Day


When we go through certain things, specifically emotionally, it effects us in all types of ways. Whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual it can take a toll on our bodies day in and day out. I’ve been gone too long. It seems I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump due to other circumstances in my life. Ups and downs, sadness and happiness have been present in my life in the last month or so, but I have finally realized that at the end of the day it is up to me to make my dreams come true. No more excuses. No more set backs. Motivation comes from within first. My goal is to build myself up, and to build others up as well. It is never too late to live your purpose. I surely plan to live mine.

Be well everyone

Live.🌿 Love. 💖 Well & Fit. 💪


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