Step In The Name Of Fitness


Have you been making a strong effort to be a better you? So many things qualify as a physical activity. Whether it’s cooking, vacuuming, or washing the dishes, it will always burn calories. With all that said, did you know that you are mastering an exercise everyday? It is called walking, and it is something we have to do daily! Question is, are you doing enough for it? Well did you also know you have a very easy way to measure it, and it’s right on your phone!  It is called a smart phone for a reason people!!! Most all phones now come with a health application. A place to record your steps, food, and heart rate. Did you know that on new Samsung smartphones that your camera is also a heart rate and stress monitor?  Oh yes! So you have no excuse to track your health, especially since it is on all our favorite thing… our phone. So waist no more time, go step, run, eat, track yourself in the name of fitness!

Be well everyone.

Live.🌿 Love. 💖 Well & Fit. 💪

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2 thoughts on “Step In The Name Of Fitness

  1. I recently noticed that iPhone tracks my steps automatically. Creepy, but convenient!! Now I check my steps every day.

    1. A little bit creepy, but awesome! Keep checking everyday!

      Be well, and thanks for the support!

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