Are You Ready?

Join me tonight. 6:45pm at the Victoria Gardens. We will meet in front of Bass Pro Shops. Another Thursday. Another great workout planned!
Live.🌿 Love.💖 Well & Fit.💪
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Assessing Your Needs and Wants


I have recently been looking back and reflecting on something’s that need to be added, edited, or altogether eliminated from my life. I am striving to put my needs before my wants. I think this is the first step in me moving on from those negative things and begin to add the important things to my life. I’m in a place were I want to live healthier, stress less, and focus more on me as a whole. Some might say this statement selfish, but how can I possibly give to the ones I love most if I don’t take care of me first?

I just want to encourage all of you tonight to begim to think…What can you live with, and what can you live without? How long will you choose to be mediocre, and not to live to your full potential, physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually. Renew your minds. Rid out the irrelevant objects or people, and be in tune with your needs. Then maybe we can move on to what you want.

Be well. Live fit.

Amazing Workout Last Night!


AMAZING WORKOUT LAST NIGHT! The weather 🌄 was kind to us so we went hard last night! Thought those two runs 🏃 up hill were going to get them, but they all pushed through! Great job fit crew! Applaud yourselves! 👏 🏅🏆

Live.🌿 Love.💖 Well & Fit.💪

Taking time to be grateful


At the end of my fitness classes we always do a gratitude circle.🙏 It is something that I have adopted from my full time job as a health educator. Taking time to be grateful can make a world of difference to your day. Whether someone says that they are grateful for waking up in the morning or completing the workout, it is always great to be in the presence of gratefulness. Wellness is so much more than exercise and eating right. It is a full journey including the mind and spirit. I thank the Lord for my family (especially my husband @gothomasmarketing), friends, and all those who influence my life in some type of way. Everyday is a teacher not to be taken for granted, so get to learning!😊 Live well and be fit you guys.

Live.🌿 Love.💖 Well & Fit.💪

Lifestyle Changes


How many of you know people that want to live a healthier life but are all bark and no bite? I know I do, but changing your lifestyle is not just a “get right for the summer” scheme it takes commitment. I have 3 tips that I am sure will help anyone that’s in a slump.

1. Be Accountable. Recruit your spouse or significant other to help you. Find a trustworthy friend or family member. People will continue exercise as well as healthy eating habits when they are held accountable.

2. Start Slow. This journey is like any other skill you develop. You become wise by experience, so start slow and be realistic on what you can accomplish.

3. Stay Positive. Ever heard of positive psychology?  Well this is just that. When your thoughts are positive you have close link to success. Fill you mind with I CAN AND I WILL. Stay away from the negative  (including people).

So there you have it. 3 smart tips to develop a healthy lifestyle. Be well my friends.

Live.🌿 Love.💖 Well & Fit.💪

Sleeping Tips


Thought I’d post this picture tonight of me and my baby girl Malia. It’s not only for a throwback, but for what’s on my mind… sleep.

Adequate sleep is vital to success, health, happiness, exercise recovery, and so much more. It recharges our bodies for the next day, so here are a few tips to sleep better:

1. Set a bedtime -planning a time to a least be in bed and how many hours you’ll need.
2. Turn everything off- even if your TV is still on there are still messages being retrieved by the brain.
3. Get it out- thoughts, emotions, etc. Release that unnecessary stress. Resolve the issue and shut your eyes.
….and last but not least…
4.Pray- Talking to God before you slumber always puts me at ease and helps me relax.

So there you go. I have more, but all this talk about sleep has officially made me more sleepy.

Happy dreams my friends, and be well.

Live.🌿 Love.💖 Well & Fit.💪
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