Lifestyle Changes


How many of you know people that want to live a healthier life but are all bark and no bite? I know I do, but changing your lifestyle is not just a “get right for the summer” scheme it takes commitment. I have 3 tips that I am sure will help anyone that’s in a slump.

1. Be Accountable. Recruit your spouse or significant other to help you. Find a trustworthy friend or family member. People will continue exercise as well as healthy eating habits when they are held accountable.

2. Start Slow. This journey is like any other skill you develop. You become wise by experience, so start slow and be realistic on what you can accomplish.

3. Stay Positive. Ever heard of positive psychology?  Well this is just that. When your thoughts are positive you have close link to success. Fill you mind with I CAN AND I WILL. Stay away from the negative  (including people).

So there you have it. 3 smart tips to develop a healthy lifestyle. Be well my friends.

Live.🌿 Love.💖 Well & Fit.💪


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