Assessing Your Needs and Wants


I have recently been looking back and reflecting on something’s that need to be added, edited, or altogether eliminated from my life. I am striving to put my needs before my wants. I think this is the first step in me moving on from those negative things and begin to add the important things to my life. I’m in a place were I want to live healthier, stress less, and focus more on me as a whole. Some might say this statement selfish, but how can I possibly give to the ones I love most if I don’t take care of me first?

I just want to encourage all of you tonight to begim to think…What can you live with, and what can you live without? How long will you choose to be mediocre, and not to live to your full potential, physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually. Renew your minds. Rid out the irrelevant objects or people, and be in tune with your needs. Then maybe we can move on to what you want.

Be well. Live fit.


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