Wellness Inside And Out


It’s been way too long since the last time I blogged. How can I really explain it, lol… life happened! Well in the process of these last couple of months I have had to literally push myself back to some type of wellness. I am still on the road to get back to me, but I knew it had to start within me. It was a struggle to even get me to write tonight. It’s funny how the bad can almost certainly turn you for the better. I do know one thing, wellness comes from the inside then out. Your mind and spirit has to be in a place to accept the change. I was talking to my husband and we agreed that the keys to optimal health are spiritual soundness, physical health, mental readiness, financial stability, and great relationships. I am trying my best to work on all five areas. I realized that I am happiest when I am encouraging people to do better in all areas of optimal health. Wellness is a gift that we should all give ourselves. We only have one life. Let’s make the best of it. Stay encouraged my friends. Be well.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.


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