National Diabetes Awareness Month 

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. As a person who has a family history of people with diabetes, it is important for me to be proactive in helping to decrease my odds of developing diabetes (type 2), and you should too. 

Now there are 3 types of diabetes. Type 1 or juvenile diabetes (no cure, but treatment), type 2 or adult onset (maintain with medical provider), and Gestational diabetes or diabetes while pregnant (also maintained by health care provider).

So you ask, what are the easiest ways to enhance your fight against diabetes (speaking primarily to type 2 diabetes)? It’s starts with eating a healthy diet, exercise, and getting regular medical care.

When choosing a healthier diet try to stick to lean meats. Add fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Aim for foods that are high in fiber and lower in sugar, fats, and sodium. All of these are great preventative measures to eat healthier. 

When exercising, the recommendation is to aim for 5 days a week for at least 30 mins on those days. Try mixing up your activities to stay excited and keep things interesting. 

Lastly get regular check ups. The only way to monitor yourself is to go get checked. Let’s make these appointments people! 

Diabetes is something that is affecting more than 29 million Americans (American Diabetes Association, 2015). Let’s do our best to keep our numbers down. The time for prevention  is now.

Be well you guys!

Live. Love. Well & Fit.

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