Wellness for the Frequent Flyer 

What’s funny is this has been on my brain for a while considering all the traveling I did this year for work. I’ve met so many people while flying, and it dawned on me. Not a lot of people actually look happy to be flying, so I put together a few tips. That’s right! Wellness can even reach the frequent flyer. So here we go…

1. Smile. I know it seems so simple, but it is your greatest way of being the best you on a flight. I don’t know how many people I have encountered, and they look like they just lost their puppy. So smile, it will make you and your buddy sitting next to you feel better.

2. Relax/Meditate. This speaks especially to flights in the evening . Mostly everyone is quiet, working on their laptop or phone, and you guessed it, sleep. Take some time just to empty your mind and relax. Practice deep breathing (Make sure your breath is fresh! Lol), but try it. It’s more calming than you think, even on a plane . 

3. Finally, Write down your thoughts. I know a lot of times while flying, I have great ideas or thoughts. Try to bring a notepad and pin with you to write down the great things running through your mind. Set reminders for yourself, or maybe write a letter to loved one. There are no limits.

Well there you have it 3 tips for the frequent flyer . I hope your flights will be more “well” with them. Try them out, and I hope you guys had a blessed Tuesday.
Live. Love. Well & Fit.


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