National Poinsettia Day

Did you know today is National Poinsettia Day? Sometimes I like to look up random fun holidays on the internet, and December 12th just happens to belong to this beautiful flower you see everywhere this time of year. I know what your thinking what does National Poinsettia Day have to do with wellness? Well not only is it the National Christmas Flower, but it is also known for its medicinal use. According to the poinsettia is also used as a antibacterial and also a pain reliever. People even used it for skin remedies, warts, and toothaches. A strong caution to the use of poinsettias. Although they are beautiful to gaze upon, they are highly poisonous. 

The funny thing about natural remedies is that they can be great for quick fixes, but can also come hand and hand with crazy side effects (…but isn’t that every medicine whether natural or not?). Whether natural or prescribed by a doctor be careful what is out there. The very thing that is beautiful can be deadly too. Sometimes wellness requires research. I hope you all had a marvelous Monday. Be well. 
Live. Love. Well & Fit .


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