Well & Fit Coaching’s Wellness Workshop

Don’t forget this upcoming Tuesday. Log in as we discuss African American Women and Wellness. I’ll be bringing you an informative and interactive workshop. Tuesday, January 17th, at 7pm via Zoom.us.

Meeting ID: 284-156-6600, Password: aawomenimg_20170112_161727_024

Can’t wait to see you all there!


80% Nutrition, 20% Exercise

Since the recent passing of the new year the majority of us are “on fire” or motivated to achieve our new year resolutions. The most frequent of new year resolutions has to come from the never ending desire people have to “lose weight”, and by this they think it equals exercising more. Although this is a very important component, you still can’t out exercise your diet. Even if you managed to exercise 7 days a week, you would not get the best results you possibly can unless you begin eating right.


I have recently been on a smoothie kick in the morning. I mix all my favorite fruits, and veggies in the blender (the ninja blender I initially bought for my husband for Christmas…hehehe…), and it is a sure way to start my day off right (I will be adding a protein mix soon because I am hungry in like 2 hours). I have also been bringing snacks such as nuts, cheese, cranberries to also snack on. When I have lunch I try to keep it light. I don’t want something to drag me down for the rest of the day, and I live by my “don’t overeat rule”. If we are to truly conquer our wellness goals, then it has to start from the inside out.


Everyday you wake up try to make a conscience decision to live a better life. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect by any means, but I know that I want to take care of myself now and avoid problems later. It is also good to practice “everything in moderation”. Have a slice of cake or a mini snickers (my treat). It usually curves those cravings, and you can move on instead of obsessing over something that you wish you had.


They key is to stay realistic. Ask yourself, “Where am I now?” and “Where would I like to be in the next year?” Do you want to be stuck making the same new year resolution next year, or is 2017 the time for change? You decision, but know that you are the one who has to deal with the consequences.

Be well you guys.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.



Seeing Your Vision

I don’t know what it has been about the start of this year. I have seem to feel re-motivated. 2017 feels good from my head to my toes, and we are only 4 days in. I feel more comfortable doing things that I have never done before, and I want to stick to them. 

I feel so fortunate to work where I do. I just finished make a vision board for 2017. It is filled with dreams and goals that I have for myself and my family. What’s funny is when I started I didn’t know what I was looking for, but as I continued searching for images and words that spoke to me, the more clear the vision became. It was a self reflection process. I kept thinking, “This is work?!!!” Lol!

Just like making a vision board, life is very much the same way. At times we may not even know what we are looking for or which direction we should go, but the more we press on, then more it is revealed to us. 
Every workout I complete, I am living out my purpose. I am also helping people and myself at the same time. It is a God given gift and feeling that makes me come alive. Good things are in the works for you and me. We just have to start somewhere and keep pressing on. 

Be well you guys. Stay encouraged, and make tomorrow amazing as well.
Live. Love. Well & Fit. 


Tackle Your Tuesday: End Your Day In Silence


On a daily basis at bed time I try to give my last thoughts for the day either on my blog or social media. The problem with that is after I hit “post” notifications come flooding into my phone from people liking or commenting on what I have shared. Initially I just try to put my phone down, but I can’t lie something in me ends up checking any way. We are all guilty of it, and the older I get, the more I am learning just to let it be. Unless it is an emergency, it does not need to be address right before bedtime.

From day to day we are distracted with so many things. Phones, social media, video games, television, etc. are all things that contribute to our hectic day. Not to mention our commutes in the morning and at night. You could even be dealing with difficult coworkers throughout the day, but there is hope I tell you, in silence.


5 to 10 minutes of silence a day can make a lasting impression on your day and your health. There is something truly “golden” about it (Although it can be loud at times because of our own thoughts). Try allowing yourself 5 to 10 minutes before you actually fall asleep and just lie in your bed.  Let your thoughts roam, but remain calm and just let it all filter out. That’s what I’ve been trying to do.  Just be still. You could even pray. Take this time to spend with God, meditate, or practice deep breathing.

See wellness is not just fitness or eating healthy. It is a way to take care of your entire self. That includes you mental and emotional well-being. Spending time in silence also allows you to do some self-reflecting. I can concentrate on the good things, and the things I could have possible changed in my day. Self-reflection leads to growth, and that can only happen in your innermost thoughts.


I encourage you to try this tonight. Find time to just be and relax, then fall asleep. Tackle the rest of your Tuesday in silence. Be well you guys.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.


From My Heart: Perseverance 

I feel like when something continously comes back to you, then it must be right. This dream I have to spread complete overall wellness will never go away. It started with a blog, then it went to actual fitness groups, now it is online as well (Group and personal training). 

I don’t know. God really has a way of showing you His plans, but only a little bit at a time. He doesn’t rush, and he definitely doesn’t show you the whole plan. I made a goal a couple of months ago. I wanted my online training to be fully running by January 1st, 2017. I thought it was a long shot, but I kept coming  back to it everyday. Working on it when I could. Asking those closest around me for feedback. All the while wearing my many daily hats as a wife, mother, friend, coworker, etc.  At times I thought I was going to go crazy. Then 2 months past and suddenly I found myself finished just in time for the New Year, but something still wasn’t right. 

Today I felt more stressed than ever. I was trying to figure out the kids (and why they were being so damn crazy), while keeping up with my husband (but not wanting to stress him out with my worries), and making sure everything is in order for my website launch (making sure I over obsessed with everything). …but you know what it’s ok. It is going to be ok. I was so busy with everything that I didn’t take the time to celebrate the little accomplishment that was happening. I FINISHED THE WEBSITE BY JANUARY 1st, and launched today. Sometimes when I just let go, it all falls into place. (Not saying I’m still not going to work my ass off to make it grow because trust me I’m not done yet.)

 I can truly close my eyes though, and feel like a winner. If you only knew what I have been through. I have been working on this dream since 2009. That just proves to you that God and perseverance never fail. I didn’t know how, but I knew my why. He gave me a God size dream, and as my eyes fill with tears, I can only be thankful. 2017 will be something special. I can feel it, and I will take you along this journey with me. I hope my whole vision comes into view for all of you, and I hope you reach your goals too. 

Be well my loves, and happy new year. 


Join us Tonight!

Join us tonight for a wonderful workout, and it is completely FREE! Monday Night HIIT with Tamara @msgooden84! Workout begins are 7pm Via Zoom.com. Click “Join A Meeting” type in the Meeting ID(401-785-6801) and the password(wellandfit) and let the fun begin! Looking forward to seeing you all there! 
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