Exercising is amazing, but don’t push yourself so hard where you ignore your body experiencing fatigue, dehydration, and pain. Extra is not always better. I can remember trying to do extra when I ran track, and the result was the feeling of being burnt out! I wasn’t allowing the time for my body to heal and become stronger. Recovery is part of the process. Be mindful of your body. 🌿💖💪🏽

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Published by mrsdthomas18

Wellness Coach, Wife, and Mommy. Owner of Well & Fit Coaching: Wellness coaching for a healthier life. Bachelor of Science Kinesiology: Health and Fitness Promotion. I've been living an active lifestyle since the age of 4. Having been a track and field athlete for most of my life, it was only right that I study kinesiology in college. I have held positions as a personal trainer (private and gym), bootcamp instructor, and track and field coach. Now as a Health Educator for Riverside County I want to use this gift God has given me of health and fitness to inspire the world! Live. Love. Well & Fit.

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