Fit For Thought

Find what works for you! Exercise is not one fits all. Just like anything else you have to get into the groove and find something that will keep your attention. My goal this week to do two days of yoga to keep it interesting! Part of it is exploring new physical activity that may work for you. So this week find that groove. Find what works for you ! 🌿💖💪🏽

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Fit For Thought

I will be practicing mindful eating all rhis week. It is more than exercise. It is fueling your body the right way. Exercise is only 20% of the equation. 80% is nutrition. Let’s get after it!

 I am so very excited to announce that I am published! I have put a lot of time and effort into writing this book, and I am even more excited to share it with you!

Book is available on Amazon in Paperback and ebook.

Book signing party to come! Thank you in advance for your support! 🌿💖💪🏽
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Motivational Monday: Progression


Hi Everyone, and Happy Monday to you all! I don’t have a lot to write today, but I just want to encourage you all today to be your best, and take steps towards progression everyday. You can listen or read motivational material all day, but the truth is it is up to you whether you are going to be the change that you want to see. So today think progression. Be in a constant state of “better,” and never give up.  Be well you guys.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.


Motivational Monday: #relationshipgoals


Hi Everyone and Happy Monday to you all. Long time no write. Life has been great! I can’t complain. I have been busy with a lot of personal projects, and of course family life.

Tonight I would like to talk to you about your relationship goals and how they affect you health wise. I recently spoke with an associate of mine about relationships, and how they can take a toll on your health. Now if you are in a strong and flourishing relationship then most likely it will help you thrive as a human being, but what if you are in just the opposite?

Negative relationships can almost deteriorate a person. I have seen so many women day in and day out stay in relationships only to end up with nothing in the end. Sure they look well put together on the outside, but they are dying on the inside. Trust me I have been there, but I am here to tell you that there is hope at the end of the tunnel. Whether you decide to stay or to go, it is up to you to cultivate any relationship that you are in. Granted there is another person involved, but you can help steer it back into the right direction. Then if you have tried all you can, it might be time to just let it go.

Negative relationships take a toll on your physical health as well as your mental health. These relationships fester anger, stress, anxiety, and depression. All these symptoms make you more susceptible to infection and chronic illness. I do not mean to sound like “Debbie Downer”, but it is time for all of us to take care of our own well being first. Only by doing that can you be prepared to be your best self for others. Take time to think about it tonight. What are your real relationship goals (Whether it is a intimate partner, friend, or family member)? Who do you  need to exclude from your well being?

Live. Love. Well & Fit.


Motivational Monday: Be A Shifter

Hello everyone, and happy Monday to you all. With everything that is going on in Houston and the surrounding areas I just want to encourage you tonight. I read an Instagram post that said the best thing about a natural disaster is that it brings out the best in human beings. In times of disaster or heartbreak for pain our strongest defense is to remain positive. It is to remain hopeful. When you walk into a room to be a shifter. Aspired to lift spirits. Aspire to change the negative to the positive. I always want to have a presence that commands the room in a positive way. Filling the room with happiness and genuine concern. Although I cannot change what is going on in Texas I can provide a listening ear and a word of encouragement to those I know in the mist of it. It is normal to feel down in times like these, but don’t give up. You are strong. You are blessed. You are a child of God. My prayers always thought of you. May God protect you and keep you safe. Be well you guys.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.


Motivational Monday: Make Time

Hi Everyone and Happy Monday to all of you. I recently had a conversation with a dear friend of mine, and we were talking about how life gets so busy we can lose priority of the time we get to spend with the ones we love. I know for me everything can get so busy sometimes that I barely get a chance to just sit and enjoy. We are working on goals, at work, dealing with kids, or planning out our next move. We must not get so wrapped up in the constant “go” of life, and forget the people that mean the most to us. Just like any other thing in your life relationships are something that you also have to work at. You truly get what you give. So I just want to encourage you today. Don’t take advantage of those close relationships that you cherish the most because you never know when they will be gone. Every day is a new day to strengthen you as well as someone else. Make the time and be present for somebody else. Sometimes that is all we need. Be well you guys.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.


Motivational Monday: Don’t be petty! It is not productive to you or the person you are trying to hurt. Every second you spend being negative could have been channeled into something positive, so don’t do it at all. Learn to respond and not react to situations. As much as I have wanted to go there with some people, it is just not worth my time or energy. Be well you guys! 🌿💖💪
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Motivational Monday: Your Well Being Is Priority.

Hello everyone, and happy Monday to you! I had the privilege of attending a training today that addressed pregnant and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. It was a real look on the signs and descriptions of what women go through during and after pregnancy, and how these disorders affect the whole family. Although I have attended trainings touching on this subject, this training stuck with me because the topics discussed were on a more detailed level. We were equipped with the knowledge of what to do if one of our clients, family members, friends, and even ourselves ever encountered any of these feelings.

Mood and anxiety disorders during and after pregnancy is a very sensitive subject around the world, and sadly most women don’t speak up. Too often pregnancy is always said to be a joyous experience in women’s life, and though I believe all children are a blessing, that is not the case for a lot of women. They deal with depression, anxiety, OCD, postpartum stress disorder, and in the worst case scenario some women experience psychosis, where they have harmed themselves or their babies.

Mental health goes unaddressed in many communities, and far too often getting the appropriate help comes off as a sign of weakness. In some cultures they are quick to label you “crazy”, but I am here to say it is ok. It is normal for a woman to feel the “baby blues” up to 2 weeks after pregnancy. The problem occurs when it last longer than that. Postpartum depression may range from birth all the way until babies reach 12 months of age.  I even argue that it can last longer.

The important thing for women to realize is that your well being is your priority. You are not crazy. You are not a bad mom. You are ok. The key to getting the help you need is speaking up. Don’t sit alone with these feelings. Express yourself to your spouse, family member, friend, doctor, or someone you can trust. This issue has gone on long enough without real recognition. Let’s get behind our mother’s and support them in anyway we can. A healthy mom means a healthy baby. They deserve the best chance to thrive.

I hope this helps someone. For more information you can log onto If you are pregnant or just had your baby and are feeling any emotions that you are unsure about contact the Postpartum Support International Helpline: 1-800-944-4773.

Be well you guys.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.