Fit Friday


Today was a roller coaster for me. At first it started off very peaceful and towards the end I started to become stressed. You know when you have an agenda for the day, but it doesn’t quite go as planned? Well that was me today. Through all of it, I still found time to exercise. I popped in my 10 Minute Solution: Hip Hop Cardio DVD and go my sweat on. The DVD consist of 5 workout segments that are each 10 minutes long. I enjoy doing all of them, but I only did three today.

It is no mystery that exercise is a way to release stress. Whether you schedule it at the beginning or the end of your day, it will always make you feel better. I know this is kind of a late post, but if you haven’t worked out today, then there is no better time than the present. You can do it. I am here on the side lines cheering for you! Get up and get fit on this “Fit Friday”!

Happy Friday Everyone!


Thoughtful Thursday!


Happy Thursday Everyone! We are up and moving in 2014. It’s is January 2nd, and what do I decide to do?… Workout of course! This morning we headed to the track to workout. My daughter is running in her first track meet of the season this weekend, and I could not be more excited! My family has always been involved in track and field. I mean I have been running since the age four!

We got moving with a 2 lap warm up, and followed it up with a brief segment of stretching and a dynamic warm up. After that we jumped right into the workout, working on her start and stride. We finished with some stairs for some strength, and a cool down.

For this “Thoughtful Thursday” I want you to remember to invest in you children. They are your greatest and most precious asset. Athletics teach them discipline and respect. Continue to encourage them, and try to keep a fun fitness atmosphere going. I hope you continue to live Well & Fit in 2014. Happy Thoughtful Thursday!









Fit Friday: Part Two

Now that we are at the end of the day. I want to congratulate you for all the physical activity you did today! How many points did you tally up, and what did these activities consist of? My grand total was 7 physical activity points. I walked around my office 3 times. Then I did some aerobic exercises while waiting at the printer. I dance while riding home in the car. Followed by going up my stairs with my daughter, and I cooked some of my delicious spaghetti. I hope you had as much fun as I did counting our physical activity! Happy Fit Friday!

Fit Friday: Part One

Fit Friday: Part One

Fit Friday: Part One

I could not be happier that it is Friday! Do you know we participate in physical activity every day? Going up the stairs, pushing a basket full of groceries, and even cooking counts. So let’s count today! One point for every physical activity big or small that we do. I’ll share my results at the end of the day. I hope you will too! Let’s not talk about it. Let’s be about it. Shout out to my co-workers in the picture above for finding a way to move everyday! Happy Fit Friday!

Fit For Thought:
Ecclesiastes 5:3 – For a dreams comes with much business, and a fool’s voice with many words.



Thoughtful Thursday!

Back at it again! Only tired, hungry, and dragging. In light of my mood, I am still at work grinding it out. Today’s words of fitness wisdom… REST! After a long day like yesterday it is important to listen to your body and rest. Recovery is necessary for results. Over training can cause strains or pulls to muscles, exhaustion, and other physical and mental issues. Listen to your body. I know I will. Happy Holidays everyone! I am looking forward to the New Year!

Tackle Your Tuesday: Christmas Eve


Tackle Your Tuesday: Christmas Eve


Merry Christmas Eve!!! This wonderful night is usually spent preparing for the big day, Christmas. Cakes, pies, cookies, and more will all be baking in the oven. Holiday ham and oven roasted turkey smells will float through the air. Although all these things are appealing, we cannot deny our health. Consider working out before the feast! It doesn’t have to be long. 30 minutes will do, and incorporate some resistance as well. The lean mass you will develop is proven to burn calories even while you are sitting around enjoying your family.


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Well & Fit life!!!

Motivational Monday: Resolutions

Motivational Monday!


Yay! It’s Christmas week! With Christmas this week and New Year right around the corner, I’m sure you have begun to think about your new year resolutions. My commitment is to eat healthier in 2014. Although I never over eat, and try to balance my meals as much as I can, I admit my eating habits have been less than superior lately. Instead of waiting till new year though, let’s start today. Finish the year strong, and lay a foundation for the new year. You are more likely to stay steady on your new year resolution if you can get a head start and get the ball rolling now!


Happy Motivational Monday!