Tackle Your Tuesday: Be A Cheerleader 

An Encouragement Cheerleader that is… I had a pretty good day. I hope you did as well. I had the most interesting time tonight. I was in the presence of lets just say a whole lot of teenagers. It was very intriguing to see how this generation operates and holds conversations. Trust me there is never a dull moment, but as I was listening it became apparent that knowledge was there, but no true wisdom. They weren’t doing what they were supposed to at the time, and it came to my attention that they really need someone to help lead them. Not just an older person, but one of their peers. So it had me thinking why don’t we encourage each other as much as we should. Are we afraid to step out of the box and lead? Are we nervous of the response we will receive? 

Studies show that those who live a more positive life, including encouraging others, are usually healthier. Part of positivity is not only lifting ourselves up, but others as well. It is important to surround yourself with positive people, and for you to be one in return. The more you compliment people, strangely the better you feel about yourself. Give it a try. Spread some love. Be someone else’s cheerleader. Step out the box, and lead by example. You never know who may be watching. It maybe a teenager… wink…wink. Be well you guys, and try to enjoy the last of your Tuesday in peace. 

Live. Love. Well & Fit. 


Fit For Thought 

Fit For Thought:

Be Beautiful. Be Well. Be empowered.

Just a reminder to all my queens out there. Know you worth. Fight for your dreams, and never give up. God’s got you and He rewards diligence. Seek Him first and all else will fall into place. 
I hope you all had a wonderful day! ✌💗
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Join us Tonight!

Join us tonight for a wonderful workout, and it is completely FREE! Monday Night HIIT with Tamara @msgooden84! Workout begins are 7pm Via Zoom.com. Click “Join A Meeting” type in the Meeting ID(401-785-6801) and the password(wellandfit) and let the fun begin! Looking forward to seeing you all there! 
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Wellness Shopping For The Beginner 

Did you know that everything you need in your diet is on the outer sections of the store? To me the only purpose for the aisles are sugar and fats. It is amazing how even our grocery stores are strategically planned to get us to buy things that are unhealthy for us. Now I have always been a strong believer of everything in moderation. Everything (including food) has its time and place. Here are some tips to keep your shopping on track.

1.Fill your basket with the outside. Grab fruits, veggies, meats, and dairy to add those major food groups in your diet. Fresh is best so be conscious and aim for the outside.

2. Go down the aisles with a plan. Create a grocery list of exactly what you need down what aisle. Let’s be honest, we have to go down the aisles for water, oil, seasonings, and other things. A list will allow you to stay focused on your health goal. 

3.Lastly… close your eyes at the register. Yes. I said it. Why do you think the candy and chips just so happens to be right there when you checkout. Avoid them at all cost. Also keep an eye on your kiddos. Remember chocolate is high (for adults), and fruity is low (for children).
Well there you go. It seems nothing is fair game in the grocery store, but you can be well prepared with me tips to play your own game. Take the steps to making your shopping experience “Well & Fit “.

Live. Love. Well & Fit . 

One Step Of Action

I often listen to motivational speeches in the morning on my way to work, and by far my favorite sayings has to come from Les Brown. He says, “You must have patience and engage in consistent action!” This quote rings true to me just as the day I heard it for the first time. It’s funny that this is ringing over and over again in my head, but it is so true. 

My coworkers and I were talking about  goal setting and is it really realistic to our client’s lives, and most of the time the answer is no. Goal setting and sticking to those goals is even hard for the most successful person. It is a constant pull that you must work on daily. It is the same with you health. Achieve optimal wellness is a continuous project. Physical fitness and proper nutrition are ok, but without mental/emotional stability you are still a wreck. You must engage in consistent action in all areas. You have to have patience as well to know your results won’t come over night, but if you keep working at in day in and day out things will change.

With that said it seems like we all have some work to do. I have some work to do. I’m better than when I started, but I believe that with God I can be where I want to be. Stay hungry my friends. Stay motivated, and be blessed.
Live. Love. Well & Fit .


Right Where you Are…

I feel like I’ve had a very hard weekend. Although it was relaxed, I had a lot of time to think about situations in my life, people in my life, and changes in my life. I spent a great deal of time thinking about how I can propel my life and my business forward with jeopardizing my family life. I have the confidence to start or should I say continue on, but then fear sets in. Then finally at the end of the day I realize that first I have to be ok with where I am right now. It may seems like a simple step, but only after then can I make realistic plans for the future. 

You know wearing all the hats that I wear (wife, mom, friend, daughter, business owner, trainer, etc) can be exhausting at times, but it’s ok. It’s going to be ok. I hope sharing these words with you helps you through the week. It is OK to want better, to be better, but just remember to take time for you. Sit in silence, go on a run, or talk to a friend. Be ok with where you are today in this time in place. Reflect on how far you have come. Read old journals, explore old pictures (I did that today), and I promise you it will make you feel better. I have allowed myself to cry, feel frustrated, and laugh. Be your own therapy, and love what you do to be the best version of you God intended you to be. I hope you all had a great Sunday (my favorite day btw). Be well.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.


Happy Birthday to my baby girl Malia. Mommy loves you very much. Mmmwwwaaaahhhh !

Taking time to be grateful


At the end of my fitness classes we always do a gratitude circle.🙏 It is something that I have adopted from my full time job as a health educator. Taking time to be grateful can make a world of difference to your day. Whether someone says that they are grateful for waking up in the morning or completing the workout, it is always great to be in the presence of gratefulness. Wellness is so much more than exercise and eating right. It is a full journey including the mind and spirit. I thank the Lord for my family (especially my husband @gothomasmarketing), friends, and all those who influence my life in some type of way. Everyday is a teacher not to be taken for granted, so get to learning!😊 Live well and be fit you guys.

Live.🌿 Love.💖 Well & Fit.💪

Water, water, water!!!


As we begin to move into the hotter months, remember to fuel your body with more water. The recommendation is 6-8 8oz cups a day, but let’s be overachievers and do 10! Water helps to boost your metabolism, flushes out the toxins in your body, helps relieve headaches, and of course maximizes physical activity performance. I can go on and on, but my point is just make sure your drinking it throughout the day to prevent dehydration. I hope you all have a day full of hydration! Lol!

Live.🌿 Love. 💖Well & Fit.💪

Tonight @6:45pm!!!


Join my fit crew tonight! 6:45pm at at Garcia Park in Rancho Cucamonga! Only $10 a class! I guarantee you will have a great time! 

Live.🌿 Love. 💖 Well & Fit. 💪
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