Tackle Your Tuesday: The Four P’s- Pace



It’s Tuesday!… And it’s my Friday! That’s right I have 6 days off! I’m am very excited just to relax and be able to focus on my family, myself, and my business.

Today I am continuing with the four p’s. Yesterday we covered PUSHING yourself. Today’s advice is to PACE yourself. In “track and field language” this is point in which you should be coming around the first turn of the 400m and entering what we call the “back stretch” of the race. It is a time to maintain your speed after pushing out on the first 100m, but doing it in an effortless way. 

Nothing is ever accomplished over night. I see so many advertisements and commercials promoting “easy workouts”. My professor used to call it “butt floss fitness”. I can totally agree. There is nothing easy about working towards your goals, but it is important and simple to come up with a way to pace yourself. Make small changes to your daily routine by taking a break to walk at work or replace those French fries with a salad. The small changes will eventually add up and lead to success. So PUSH out and PACE yourself in a strategic way to reach your goals! I’ll be here cheering you on!

Love. Live. Well & Fit.