Thoughtful Thursday: Fit For Thought


Did you know that people who learn to forgive those that do them wrong live a longer life? In the book I’m reading, Simple Health, the authors examine just that. They take a whole chapter to talking about how to nuture and protect your relationships. See the problem is a lot of people thinking that health and fitness only involves the physical body, but true wellness involves the emotional man/woman as well. To forgive releases stress and anxiety in your life. Holding grudges and being mad at someone only accelerates the aging process. It can cause physical and mental health problems. I know forgiveness can be hard sometimes, and you want to hold onto that anger, but is it really worth your health? I had to learn how to forgive others as well as myself just to move forward in life. It is not easy, but it is well worth it. Who do you need to forgive today? Remember things are replaceable but people arent. Stay well.

Live.🌿 Love. 💖 Well & Fit. 💪

Picture from today’s workout. Live above the rim in everything you do.


Wellness Wednesday: National Dessert Day


Hi everyone, and happy hump day to you all! Every now and then I like to go online to look up the random holidays in every month, and boy are there some wacky ones out there! Well today just happens to be National Dessert Day! Yum! In the world of health and fitness usually the words desserts or sweets is strictly forbidden, but I have just the opposite affection towards it. I like my sweets. My favorite happening to be a Snickers (FYI). After all desserts are on the food pyramid right? Lol! I know, I know, but in all seriousness. I find the worst diets to be the ones that cut our desserts completely. Although yes they are packed with sugars and calories, they are not there to ruin your diet. My favorite rule to tell my clients is, “Everything in moderation”. It is those that deprive themselves of sweets are usually the ones that fail because they end up going on a “sweet binge”. I believe it is all about balance. Balance the sugar, fats, and fried. Make sure you are eating an abundance of fruit, vegetables, nuts, lean meats, etc, but have a cookie once in a while. This is in no way to get confused with special situations. If you have a medical condition limiting you to a required diet, then by no means am I telling you to eat a bunch of unhealthy foods. For those of you though that have tried diet after diet trying to cut out sugars or carbs, just know that more than likely it is not going to give you the lasting results that you want. So on account of National Dessert Day I want you to eat a piece of cake and live a little, and I said a little. Just keep in mind of your ultimate goal. Live a happy healthy life the right way! Happy eatings!!!

Live. Love. Well & Fit.

Picture from today’s workout and breakfast!


Wellness Wednesday: Don’t Plateau!


Happy Wednesday to you all! Today wasn’t perfect, but it was a good day. You’ve been joining me on my fitness journey ever since I had my baby, and I am progressing nicely. I started off walking, the jog/walking, and the movement continues. I like to ease my way back into jogging by running 1 minute, then walking 1 minute. Today I increased my run, so now I am running 2 minutes and walking 1 minute. Let me tell you adding that one minute was quite enough, but overall I am glad that I did. I felt excited to be pushing past another barrier. My legs definitely felt it.

So many people begin well, and then plateau. By definition to plateau is to stay in a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress. If you are getting comfortable in your exercise routine considering adding something extra to your workout. For me it was an extra minute. For you it might be a couple extra squats or adding another mile onto your bike ride. The increase in activity should be gradual and not painful (especially when dealing with weight training). Adding these little things may not seem like a lot now, but it will make a difference in the end.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.


Pic after today’s workout.

I Think It Was A Good Day…


Hi Everyone. Happy Wednesday. I can say I had a pretty good day. Yesterday and today I got my booty up and started moving again. I utilized my breaks at work, and began to exercise. I have to actually thank my coworker Lesha for the extra push. Everyday at 3pm we have been getting out of our chairs, and I have been leading our little group. They been calling me the “preggo trainer”. It is kind of funny, but I appreciate the love. It is encouraging, and it keeps me motivated to press on. I look forward to continuation of my fit and pregnant journey. Till next time.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.

Wellness Wednesday: Take Some Pressure Off


Happy Wellness Wednesday to you all. It is funny I have trained a lot of people over the years and one thing remains essential to losing weight or becoming a better athlete and that is decreasing stress. Pressure to eat a certain way or train a certain way can all result in underlying stress that quite frankly we don’t need. I have always said that wellness starts on the inside. You can have the best diet or exercise routine in the world, and yes you may see the pounds fly off. It is possible that you make become faster and stronger, but what have you gained if you are still miserable on the inside. Encouragement from others can be great, but sometimes pressure from outside sources is not always the best. Find what works for you, and if you are working with a trainer or physician, make sure you voice your opinion on what your likes and dislikes are. It is common to become frustrated while on this journey to wellness, but trust me it will all be worth it in the end. Take some of the pressure of yourself. Make it a joyful journey, not a stressful one.

Live. Love. Well & Fit.

Wellness Wednesday: Wellness Is A Way of Life

feel good concept

It’s late and I have been lying around since my family and I had dinner tonight. I wasn’t going to blog about anything, but then it came to me. I can’t stop. Wellness is a way of life for me. This blog has been a way for me to empty my mind after a long day or help someone in need. It’s apart of my wellness. I can’t stop. I must keep writing, exercising, and making healthy eating choices. Since starting this blog I have been through some ups and downs. I thought about quitting, but my husband pushed me to keep writing. I thought about not exercising, but my health would pay for it in the long run. This wellness journey has not been an easy one, but I am more determined than ever to keep going. So I am glad that I wrote this post tonight. It is a great reminder to everyone that I am human too, and it is great just to show myself transparent for my audience to see. Wellness is a way of life for me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Stay blessed and as always…

Live. Love. Well & Fit.