Tackle Your Tuesday: Tailor Made


Happy Tuesday Everyone! Today felt so long! I’m so glad it is the end of the day. I am using my motivation from yesterday to push me into today. It is time to let go of earlier today and get ready to be better to me. To let go in the time of day that is “tailored” just for me… my workout.

There are so many trends out there for exercise. I even wrote a post about it. I pretty much have an idea of what works for me. I love to run, do hip hop aerobics, and lift weights. Any combination of the three get my heart rate up and keep me moving. I start off with a warm up and let if flow right into my workout. After I’m done with cardio, I then go into weight lifting. This seems to be the routine that works for me. If you are training professionally or just to become healthier, it is a good idea to have a workout tailored to you. Some people know exactly what to do, and some need the help of a personal trainer.

So how do you “Tackle Your Tuesday?”… Get out there and find what works for you!

Live. Love. Well & Fit.

Tackle Your Tuesday: Do It Today!


Happy Tuesday Everyone! Are you a procrastinator? Especially in your fitness life? I think we all have fallen victim to procrastination more than once in our life. “Oh I’ll begin that workout regime tomorrow.” But is tomorrow really promised to anyone? You can start today! Weigh these options, the benefits of regular physical activity include weight control, improving your mood, boosting your energy, and even improving your sleep.

So don’t be a procrastinator. You can do it today, and sleep better tonight. 🙂

Thoughtful Thursday!


Happy Thursday Everyone! We are up and moving in 2014. It’s is January 2nd, and what do I decide to do?… Workout of course! This morning we headed to the track to workout. My daughter is running in her first track meet of the season this weekend, and I could not be more excited! My family has always been involved in track and field. I mean I have been running since the age four!

We got moving with a 2 lap warm up, and followed it up with a brief segment of stretching and a dynamic warm up. After that we jumped right into the workout, working on her start and stride. We finished with some stairs for some strength, and a cool down.

For this “Thoughtful Thursday” I want you to remember to invest in you children. They are your greatest and most precious asset. Athletics teach them discipline and respect. Continue to encourage them, and try to keep a fun fitness atmosphere going. I hope you continue to live Well & Fit in 2014. Happy Thoughtful Thursday!